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Risks may seem daunting, but handled correctly you can turn them into business opportunities. Learn how to identify and mitigate risks through our risk management training.

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Risk Management

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Risk can be good. Without risk, there would be no reward. The purpose of risk management is not to eliminate risk, but to understand it so that you can take advantage of the upside and minimize the downside. This requires clarity on what risks you are prepared to take, how much, and that you have processes in place to manage them.

Our courses 

We provide two Risk Management courses:

  • Risk is good: A 45 minute e-learning course, teaching you how to identify and act upon risks. It is an introduction to useful methods, concepts and terminology.
  • Basics of Risk Management: A class room course providing the basics of Risk Management and how to perform qualitative risk assessment in own organization. It teaches the value of a risk based approach, and gives an understanding of how to perform, implement and improve risk management in your own organization. The course shows how risk management helps your organization achieve business goals, prioritize resources and work proactively to eliminate risk.

We are where you are 

Our local team can deliver training at your site or at our local training facilities, providing local market knowledge, while applying our globally proven concept to deliver our knowledge to your organization. Click here to find a course near you.