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Unforeseen events may interrupt business activities and jeopardise your organisation's performance, growth and even survival. Our training courses enable you to manage such incidents and maintain your organisations performance and growth on track.

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ISO 22301

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All organizations, large or small, are exposed to unforeseen incidents that can interrupt their business. Whatever the business model, we are operating in an increasingly global, complex and demanding risk environment. Therefore, Implementing and certifying a business continuity management (BCM) system ensures that you are able to operate, even when unforeseen incidents occur – large or small. An efficient BCM system helps you identify risks and define how to deal with them before incidents occur. 


Having a robust business continuity management system gives a level of assurance to organizations that they effectively recover of continue business critical activities in the event of a significant disruption. For such an achievement Organizations need well-trained people who are involved in the implementation of Business Continuity management system.

ISO 22301 Internal Auditor Course 

This course has been designed to provide an understanding of the audit process and how to realize its true potential. It will help delegates to understand how to plan, conduct and finish the audit process based on the requirements of ISO 22301.